Student Stories

What Our Students Are Saying

Stockworth Institute has been my real estate career's driving force! Their comprehensive courses on Residential Valuation, Tribe, Farming, and Real Estate Finance not only gave me the essential knowledge and skills but also instilled the confidence needed to excel in this industry.

The combined expertise of the instructor (Jason Schmidt and Mark Hayes) and the depth of the course material left me feeling like I had a distinct advantage over other agents. I can confidently say that thanks to Stockworth Institute, I am not just an average Real Estate agent, but a capable and standout professional real estate advisor. This institute has played a pivotal role in propelling my career forward, and I will forever be grateful for the boost it gave me.

If you're considering a career in real estate or looking to enhance your existing skills, look no further than Stockworth Institute – it's the best investment you can make forΒ your future!

- Anup Patel

Stockworth Institute Alumni

Maria Quintero

"It’s not hard to find people with vision and big ideas but it’s extremely rare to find people who actually know how to follow through and accomplish those ideas. That’s what I found here at Stockworth Institute."

Stacy Maxberry

"When I started with Stockworth Institute, I had no idea what I did not know about the business. Today, I am more confident than I have ever been."

Evan Caulfield

"Florida is great. Real estate is great. Stockworth Institute is great!"