Senior Fellow | Stockworth Institute

Marnie, is an entrepreneur, author, and Tedx speaker. Marnie has led an inspiring journey from her roots as a journalist to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, Marnie began as a childcare franchisee and later became a franchisor. Marnie met Mark while opening a school for her first brand Amazing Explorers in Tavistock.

Her passion for innovation and providing career opportunities for women in the industry led her to sell that brand to start Young Innovators Academy, a Grow Florida 2024 award winner.

This educational early education brand is operated exclusively by educators and is making waves in Orlando and beyond.

Throughout her journey, Marnie has remained a strong advocate for women in business and leadership. She has been a keynote speaker at multiple conferences and events centered around leadership, innovation, education, and empowering women.

Marnie's passion for empowering others can also be seen through her involvement in various philanthropic efforts. She is a board member of several non-profit organizations and leads the non-profit Young Innovators Foundation devoted to nurturing the passion and dedication of early childhood educators, acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping the future.

In addition to her successful career, Marnie is also a published author with several books under her name. Her writing focuses on topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, curriculum and early childhood education.
A standout academic achiever, Marnie graduated with honors from Huron University in Japan. She is a Stanford University Latino Entrepreneurs Leaders Program graduate and holds certifications in child development and childcare administration in Florida.

As an accomplished author, Marnie's works range from educational and management books to award-winning novel "The Yakusa de mi Corazon."

Balancing her professional success with family life, she is married to Jay Zettler and is the mother of Valerie and Oliver who have pursued higher education at prestigious institutions, Dartmouth and Stanford.

Marnie's story encapsulates resilience, innovation, creativity, and success - resonating with audiences seeking inspiration from her remarkable journey.