How to Elevate Your Real Estate Game with Our Proven Farming Strategies for Unmatched Success

From practices and habits to relationships to defining market characteristics, learning to farm for business is one of the most critical skills for a successful real estate career.

Actionable Steps for Consistent Success

Designed to keep you focused and ensure consistent progress in building a robust client base in your farming area so you can achieve your $20 million goals in no time.

Boost Your Income Through Targeted Actions

Dive into our meticulously crafted modules that promise not only to increase your visibility but also to significantly boost your income. With strategies proven to increase agent income by 20% within a year, your aspirations are not just dreams but achievable goals.


Our comprehensive Real Estate Farming Course is designed with ambitious agents like you in mind. Learn how to differentiate yourself in a competitive market and establish a dominating presence in your chosen farming area. 

Tailored for Your Experience Level

Whether you're a few years into your real estate career or looking to escalate your existing strategies, our course meets you where you are. We provide insights that resonate with your experience, enhancing your skills for immediate impact.

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Real Success Stories, Real Results

Be inspired by success stories from agents just like you, who have transformed their careers through our course. These testimonials aren't just stories; they're proof of what's possible when you apply our proven strategies.

Richard Alvarez

Richard Alvarez

Stockworth has been a blessing and amazing experience since day 1. From their sophisticated systems, personal live coaching, community, welcoming environment, staff, support system, unique information , action planning and leadership, it is truly a unique place. Thank you Mark, Jodi, Jason, Sara, Melissa, and everyone for making this such a challenging program that is designed to bring the best out of you. 🙏🏻 This is only for hungry people

Lisell Melo

Lisell Melo

Excellent information delivered by incredibly successful instructors for new and seasoned Real Estate Agents. I feel blessed for the opportunity of learning Real Estate all over again, thrilled about what the future holds for me now that I am practicing what I am learning in Stockworth Institute every day. Thank you Mark and the whole support team, you guys are truly remarkable.

Richard Alvarez

Anup Patel

Stockworth Institute has been a game-changer in my life. Their courses and 90 days of personal coaching with Mark and Jason taught me the ins and outs of what it takes to be the 1% agent and gave me the tools and knowledge to become an expert on my farm, which usually takes years. Through their guidance and coaching, I have become more confident and I have a deep understanding of the industry. I can't thank Mark, Jason, and Stockworth Institute enough.

Ongoing Support for Unwavering Progress:

With access to an exclusive community of like-minded agents, live Q&A sessions, and a resource library, you'll never feel alone on your journey. Our course is designed to offer support whenever you need it, ensuring the strategies you implement lead to real results.

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Flexibility to Fit Your Lifestyle:

We understand the busy life of a real estate agent. That's why our course is designed for flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, without ever feeling overwhelmed.







    Defining A Farm & Its Cycle

    Defining Your Market

    Goal Setting

    Income & Sales Goal

& More! View Below for Full Course Outlines

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Your Instructor

Jason Schmidt, CCIM, MBA

President & Managing Broker | Stockworth Realty Group

  • 20 years in the real estate industry. 
  • Recognized industry expert in real estate valuation, economics & finance.
  • Extensive experience in commercial & residential market sectors.  
  • Over $2.5 billion and thousands of transactions brokered.
  • Real estate advisor to several major corporations and investors.  


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